It Won’t Be Easy For Apple To Deal With John Ive’s Departure

If there is a list of product designers on the basis of popularity and pure genius, John Ive arguably tops that list by a fair margin. The man who designed the iMac back in 1998 has stepped down as the company’s designing head recently in a bid to unleash his own venture. While Apple has stated that they will be the primary clients for John Ive’s new company, it is projected, and is almost known by every company involved, that Apple will find it difficult to work along without Ive.

Along the 20 years of his journey with Apple, Ive has been part of designing almost every single product. Be it the iPod, the iPhone, or the iMac, Ive’s role was pivotal in designing each one of them. His partnership with Steve Jobs was one of the reasons for Apple’s success in the late 20th century. Neither of the two gentlemen bothered to look back and went on to build an empire of their own. What John Ive did with Apple, more than anything else, was highlight the Importance of design for any digital product. He dictated why it is important to have a good design before having all the good utility options. Apple found success with its design primarily. The iPod, iMac, and iPhone, all succeeded because of their sublime design which arguably no other company could offer back then. Now, most of the companies focus on the right design first which has made it difficult for Apple to deliver those outstanding products. The recent iPhones have almost nothing special about their design, and that probably tells you why John Ive’s successful designing cannot be replicated anymore.

Apple recently announced that it will be bringing an end to the iTunes as well and will split the services into three separate apps, one for podcasts, one for movies, and one for music.