Google Maps Has A False Business Listing Issue

Google Maps is swarming with phone numbers and listings from fake business that reroute to competing businesses, as per media report. A number of fake listings come into view on Google Maps each month, with the media predicting the service presently has almost 11 Million fake listed businesses.

Although Google states in a self-backed 2017 academic survey that just 0.5% of local searches are fake listings, a different probe by the media recommended otherwise. In looking for plumbers in New York City, the media discovered 13 of the leading 20 search results on Google listed false addresses and only 2 were actual businesses that really followed Google rules. The guidelines specify that pushpin listings should be spots open to clients.

The bulk of companies that are not at their listed spots, and the ones most probable to these scandals, comprise repairmen, contractors, and car towing services. They are referred to internally as “duress verticals” at Google, as they are firms users turn to in emergencies and characteristically without much time to check the credibility of the business. The research was also diluted by the addition of hotels and restaurants, which are almost always at their listed spots.

On a related note, in 2018 Google permitted you to “follow” your favorite restaurants and stores so you might always get notifications on the newest products, events, or deals from that business (you will see these upgrades in Maps in the For You tab). Now, in an attempt to motivate you to do this more, Google is letting firms to award their users who follow them with “Welcome Offers.” So this indicates that if you are hitting follow button of that business for the first time, you may see a welcome deal or discount pop up. Show that to the vendor in question and voila, you will get your award.