Google Cuts In Support Of Its Online Store

Google has not been shy about leaving out what is left of Nest as a self-governing entity, and that now comprises Nest’s platform. Media has noticed that Google has majorly gutted Now, it just asks you to have a look at the Google Store if you are searching for items. You can still log into your Nest Account, check relevant purchase histories, and manage your Nest Aware subscriptions but shopping, product info, and news have all disappeared.

It is not shocking that Google might do this. there is not much point to operating two different product catalogs when everything is eventually Google-based. Still, it is difficult not to get at least a bit sentimental over the modification. A website that was once identical with smart home technology is now just a shell of its earlier self.

On a related note, Google earlier angered more than a few smart home fans when it declared that it was closing down Works With Nest, but it at least has some news to assure the Nest bionetwork fans. The firm has shared an upgraded plan that clarifies what takes place after the cutoff. Current Works With Nest integrations and devices will carry on working with Nest accounts, Google claimed. You just cannot include new links after that deadline. The firm also promised that it might be simple to change to a Google account from a Nest account once equivalent functions are accessible on Works With Google Assistant, such as “away” and “home” statuses that will get to Assistant later this year.

The firm claimed that it is also providing an olive branch to consumers who do not need to exist separately in its smart home realm. It is cooperating with Amazon on moving the Nest skill that manages your devices with the help of Alexa.