American Airlines Uses Satellite Wi-Fi On Its Mainline Aircrafts

American Airlines, which has the world’s biggest passenger traffic and fleet size, has completed releasing satellite-based Wi-Fi to all its aircraft. 12 TV channels are also available on these planes, which are can be streamed onto your device, something that hasn’t been available before. Unless one is traveling aboard business class on an aircraft, air travel is notoriously uncomfortable. However, being able to work due to access to reliable and fast Wi-Fi is likely to make a difference.

American had begun launching these features last year. However, back then it only had this available for 13% of its fleet. However, MD- 83s are unlikely to ever receive this upgrade. They are old and currently in the process of being replaced in favor of modern airplanes.

Satellite systems which utilize ViaSatKa or Gogo 2Ku are being used to power this. Sat systems have a broader coverage area and provide comparatively consistent connectivity. Faster connections are also possible this way. Delta Airlines is also following suit, upgrading its fleet with similar features whereas United Airlines have a complicated situation on their hands.

Kurt Stache of American Airlines stated that enhancing travel experience was among American’s top goals. They wished to provide customers the connectivity and entertainment option they usually enjoy at home. All it took was 2 years for completing this installation. More features would be following to display their value for customers, he said.

Power outlets will also be available for every seat. Current entertainment systems are losing their sheen and are being phased out. Instead, the focus is on providing it to customers’ personal gadgets. Tablet holders will be added too, so customers’ can place their tablets comfortably.

However, Wi-Fi is still not free for the most part. However, it is still better than what rival airlines are currently offering. It surely is a step forward from their outdated systems.