Raytheon Says GAO Report Inaccurate—Recent Report

Raytheon is working for Air Force’s Global Positioning system for the project that deals with the development of satellite ground control software. The report published by the Government Accountability Office states that the program which is already lagging behind by 5 years, may suffer from further delay. In response to this, Raytheon says that GAO’s report is inaccurate and the assessment was never shown to them.

The program is called the next generation operational control system for the GPS 3 constellation. The OCX is under development since 2012 and it costs around $6 billion. The project has gained the attention of the congressional committees and thus, GAO investigations are directed by congress and they take place very often.GAO seems to be puzzled by Raytheon’s accusations.

Cristina Chaplain is the GAO’s director of contracting and national security acquisitions. On Tuesday, she told SpaceNews that GAO stands by its findings, claiming that they had a number of meetings and follow up emails giving confirmations and updates. GAO claims that they are always in contact with the contractors for reviews.

Raytheon’s spokeswoman, Heather Uberuaga claims that the discussion which took place comprised of very small aspects of the program, without giving them the opportunity to see the findings before they were published. On Tuesday, Heather Uberuaga stands firm on the statements made, calling GAO’s finding false. Chaplin, however verifies Raytheon’ last statement- GAO can’t decide to disclose the final report for a review. The government has full control to take decisions whether the review should be disclosed to the contractor or not, before publishing it.

GAO has no faith in Raytheon’s statements that promises to deliver OCX Block 1 software by the month of June of 2021. Chaplin thus wants an independent review by the end of this year to be taken up by CAPE as they are experienced in doing reviews of such programs.