NASA Has Selected 11 Companies To Help It Build Next Lunar Landers

NASA has selected its 11 American companies to help the agency in building the upcoming lunar landers which will send humans to the lunar surface. In the coming years, all the listed 11 companies will do research and work on prototype landers. This is as per the space agency’s Artemis mission and the mission is slated for 2024.

The list involves many giants and they are Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, and the Sierra Nevada. Recently, the deadline for the space agency’s Artemis mission to the lunar was shifted to 2024. That means a lot of work is still pending. To assist all these 11 companies, NASA is making use of an undefined contract action which let the companies start operation, although the agreement is still being talked. According to Greg Chavers, human landing system formulation manager at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, NASA is taking key steps to start the development as rapidly as possible, with raising a NextSTEP route that lets the partners commence work even though the agency is still negotiating. He added that the agency is profound to gather initial industry feedback around their human landing system necessities, and the undefined agreement act will help them do that.

All these involved partners are not unaccustomed to NASA, so it appears some elasticity is in command when putting an agreement with them. The space agency looks assured drawing the complete aim and leaving the design to these companies by their own, at least primarily. Chavers stated that this new tactic does not recommend a definite design or amount of elements for the human landing system.  NASA wants the system to get the cosmonauts’ touchdown the lunar surface and return them to Earth safely, and the agency is leaving many of the particulars to the commercial partners.