Microsoft Removes Huawei Laptops From Its Store—Report

After Google, Microsoft too joins the axing of Chinese companies on the order of president Donald Trump as it removed all Huawei hardware from its online store without any official notification. The prospect of a Windows ban too is looming large on Huawei, who are already suffering from Android ban from Google. More and more companies are cutting ties with world’s second-largest Smartphone manufacturer after president Donald Trump issued a national emergency that bans American companies from doing businesses with any Chinese telecom company without government approval.

The ban came to notice when Huawei’s Matebook X went missing overnight from the Microsoft Store. Matebook X is considered to be one the most highly rated models available as of now. A ban from Microsoft Store is expected to affect the sales of Huawei’s masterpiece quite significantly. Microsoft will continue to sell the product offline despite the US ban on Chinese Companies. What would affect Huawei more severely is the fact that a Windows ban too is on its way. Huawei are considering alternates to replace both Windows and Android, but the probability of users accepting those replacements remains on the lower side. The presence of Huawei in the “Entity List” issued by Donald Trump has made things remarkably gloomy for Huawei. It does have backup plans in place, but their outcome too doesn’t look to be on the brighter side.

Earlier, British IP Vendor, ARM, too banned usage of its hardware for Huawei, as they too were using US Origin Technology. Huawei had enjoyed a major breakthrough in the Smartphone industry after the launch of Kirin 980, one of the fastest processor for Smartphones. However, now that too will be gone as it was also based on ARM’s Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76. Along with ARM, British carrier EE too have axed Huawei from their list of 5G network launch.