Waze’s iOS App Now Allows You Stream Music From Pandora

Perhaps you are not about the subscription music world and still get your tunes from most of the streaming stations by Pandora. If this is the case, you can now enjoy that music squarely via Waze navigation app by Google on iPhone. In 2018, Waze included an audio player function with incorporation from NPR One, Spotify, and other services including TuneIn Radio. Pandora claims that both its premium and free tiers are now supported on both the iOS and Android editions of Waze.

“Better yet, this incorporation goes both sides. Once you link Waze and Pandora on your mobile device, you can also see the upcoming actions of your Waze navigation squarely in the Pandora application,” Pandora claimed to the media in an interview post. This takes the form of a banner on the Pandora app’s at the top; the firm claims it must only come into view when you have got Waze running and open, so it will go away when that is not the situation.

Waze in fact declared that this was arriving in 2018. And the Pandora incorporation had already been live before on Android. But now it is also accessible on iOS.

On a related note, Waze is operating even more adequately with Apple after it allowed support for CarPlay earlier in September 2018. The newest edition of its iOS app allows you to employ Siri Shortcuts to get to your destination. You will be able to arrange shortcuts for things such as your morning commute, directions to your favorite places, and the drive home.

The advantages of employing voice control while driving for navigation are quite obvious, and Waze’s inclusion of Siri Shortcuts provides consumers more of an option to Apple Maps. The upgrade will safely come as a benefit for those who employ it to steer clear of crashes, construction, and traffic.