Spotify Begins Testing Voice-Based Advertisements In The US

If you are a free consumer on streaming music service by Spotify, you might listen to an ad shortly that requests you to answer verbally. Spotify has begun trialing voice-based ads on a small amount of free users in the US. The voice-based ads will only be targeted at consumers who already have their permissions for microphone switched on to use voice search function by Spotify, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

Currently, Spotify is trailing 2 individual voice-based ads. The first is an advertisement for a podcast below Spotify Original—Stay Free: The Story of the Clash. The next one is a campaign for Unilever Axe that directs consumers to a playlist. Both advertisements ask consumers to answer by saying “Play Now”. If the consumer doesn’t respond or says something else, the mic will switch off and the ad break will carry on.

As voice-based tech turns out to be more extensive, advertisers are getting onboard—if only to find a different method to get to audiences that are sick of seeing at their displays.

On a related note, the Windows 10 game bar is including a meme generator and Spotify to its beta series. If you are logged in to the Xbox Insider Hub—offering you previews of new functions prior to they go widespread—you can begin blaring songs while gaming by signing into the widget for Spotify. You will also be capable of playing, pausing, and skipping tracks and changing the present playback gadget.

An additional audio widget indicates you can change the volume without having to move out of your game. Spotify will also give you playlist suggestions, which will possibly add its ultimate gaming mix and top gaming tracks. Game bar already allows you screenshot, broadcast, and share images to Twitter.