North Korea Plans To Deliver A “Serious Blow” To Those Enforcing Sanctions

Kim Jong-un—Supreme Leader of North Korea—said his country requires to deliver a “serious blow” to those enforcing sanctions by making sure its economy is more independent, state media KCNA (Korean Central News Agency) said. It was the first instance Kim stated that North Korea’s pose on the second US-North Korea meeting in Hanoi that failed in February, and indicated a persisted focus on economic progress, which is a strategic direction formally announced priority in last April. On North Korea’s pose about the meeting, Kim said, “We should deal with a serious blow to the intimidating forces who are incorrectly determined to get us down with permits by advancing the communist construction to a high stage of independence that fits our state and circumstances, based on our own technology, power, and resources,” as per to KCNA.

The U.S.-North Korean engagement has seemed to be in midpoint from the February 27–28 meeting in Hanoi, which failed over differences on how far North Korea was eager to restrain its nuclear program and the scale of US enthusiasm to alleviate economic sanctions. Kim has persisted to emphasize his economic push in the last few weeks in spite of the lack of sanctions relief. State media have issued reports and images of Kim’s visits to minimum four economic projects in 5 Days over the last week, counting tourist resorts, remodeled department store, and an economic hub close to the border with China.

Speaking of the U.S.-North Korea relations, recently, defense stocks soared owing to reports of a potential halt in US-North Korea discussions. Defense-related stocks in Japan and South Korea surged by over 20% after the reports stated that North Korea might suspend nuclear talks with the U.S. Simultaneously shares of South Korean companies with encounter to North Korea plunged.