Whole Foods To Cut Prices On Hundreds Of Items

Reportedly, Whole Foods—the US-based supermarket chain—will reduce prices on hundreds of items expanding its focus further than enticing Prime shoppers. The grocer’s last most important price curb for all consumers was during November 2017. In the provisional, it has been starting more perks granted to members of Amazon Prime, by offering them an additional 10% off discounted products. Amazon—which obtained Whole Foods in July 2017—had expected to convert more Prime members to Whole Foods customers. Whole Foods is capable to synchronize in-store shopping with Amazon Prime, the superior it will be capable of targeting its ads and promotions. Reportedly, Prime’s ranks surpassed over 100 Million people in the last year. Additionally, to weekly Whole Foods deals and free 2-Day shipping, Amazon’s $119 yearly membership service provides streaming of movies, music and free 2-Hour delivery in certain ZIP codes.

The planned price slash nevertheless, extended further than Amazon prime customers. Whole Foods would cut its prices on hundreds of products, aiming to produce, like veggies and tropical fruits. Customers would save an average of 20% on the new reduced-price items. In a statement, CEO John Mackey said, “Whole Foods Market persists to maintain the quality standards that we have upheld for almost 40 Years and along with Amazon we would reduce more prices in the future, expecting the positive drive from previous price investments.”

On a similar note, recently, Walmart teamed up with Google to present voice-activated grocery shopping. Walmart consumers would be capable to order groceries through voice commands with Google’s smart-home assistant, the retail titan declared in recent time regarding its latest attempt to compete with Amazon. In a blog post published in this week, Walmart suggested that voice shopping may be available with other associates in the future.