Gmail Gets Smart Compose And Email Scheduling Features

Gmail becomes 15 this week, and to rejoice this Google is rolling out some minor upgrades: enhancing Smart Compose feature of Gmail and offering consumers the chance to plan emails. The upgrades to Smart Compose are pretty unclear. Google revealed the functionality earlier in May last year, which recommends methods to conclude sentences in emails. Google claims that the upgraded edition can now adapt to the method you write, matching your personal style of writing.

Google claims that this may mean Smart Compose keeps in mind your preferred method to welcome specific colleagues, but does not provide extra detail than that. Moreover, Smart Compose will now also recommend subject lines on the basis of your email’s body. Google claims that Smart Compose has saved users from attempting “more than 1 Billion characters per week” on the Internet, and that the functionality will now be accessible on Android (something it declared previously this month) and arriving to iOS devices “shortly.”

A more basic update to Gmail is the new capability of scheduling messages. Tapping an arrow in the compose window beside the “Send” option will bring up this feature. You can specify a particular date and time or select from presets such as “tomorrow morning.” You could earlier schedule mails on Gmail with the help of 3rd-party extensions, but it is much more expedient to have feature built squarely in to Gmail.

On a related note, Google has formally begun the process of closing down and removing all user accounts on its social network platform (Google+), bringing a full stop to the firm’s attempt to squarely vie with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. “The close down is in progress as of this week,” a spokesperson of Google claimed to the media in an interview. The service is being shut down owing to its low usage.