Bizarre Event—Our Moon’s Knack To Swallow Saturn

All the stargazers have a spectacular event to watch for today. There is a bizarre event that is going to take place in the dark sky. As per the study, during this astronomical event, the Moon will be appearing as if swallowing the gigantic Saturn. This strange but awe-inspiring episode is found to be the result of a lunar occultation that is when the Moon is found to overlap with the planets having ringed structures existent around them. One of the most astounding factors is that the current weird event can be viewed from almost all the locations from the Earth but the people living in eastern part of South America and southern part of Africa will have a clear and bright vision.

During the late night that around 01:00 am as per the local time, Saturn would be observable and the planet will be visibly similar to a tiny pinprick of light situated exactly close to the Moon. This closest occultation that is commonly known as swallowing will be viewable at 04.59am local time. The special moment if wanted to be observed then you need to be quick and have your eyes wide open as the entire occultation event only lasts for about 2 Minutes.

The Moon that will be seen to swallow the entire planet will have it spat out within a minute and this reemerging episode takes place on the other side. According to the astronomers and researchers, for obtaining the best view of the event the best place to head out is to move to an area where there is less of light pollution may be like the countryside. The telescope can come handy for a better view even though the naked eye itself is enough. The Southwest Research Institute researchers are investigating the mysteries surrounding Titan that is a moon of Saturn regarding the source of its bulky, nitrogen-rich atmosphere. According to the study, the Titan’s atmosphere is the result of the cooking of organic material in the interiors of the moon itself.