Aerion Creating Supersonic Jet To Run Fully On Biofuels

Aerion Corp, the Supersonic jet developer, is designing its foremost plane to run fully on biofuels. This move by the firm will help to reduce emissions, even as the firm calls for novel global standards for planes that can defeat the sound barrier, the firm’s chief executive said this week. Aerion’s business plane AS2, with approximately $120 Million catalog cost per jet, will have the ability to run on SPK (synthetic paraffinic kerosene) biofuel, Tom Vice, CEO, Aerion Corp, stated at a Wings Club event.

Vice added that the present subsonic aircraft employ a combination of biofuels and regular jet kerosene to make sure that the fuel quality does not damage the engine. Aerion’s aircraft would have an engine designed with seals that can handle the biofuel. he said that the firm believes that running biofuels will minimize the firm’s CO2 emissions by at least 40%.

On a similar note, Causeway Aero, a Lisburn-based company, came into the news as it revealed a new collaboration with a principal UK aircraft seating supplier. Causeway Aero has become the seating contract manufacturer for Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems, a UK-based firm. The latest deal comes less than six months following Causeway disclosed the acquisition of BASE (Belfast Aircraft Stress Engineers Ltd) and a shift to novel headquarters in Lissue Industrial Estate.

The latest 20,000 Sq Ft manufacturing and production plant has given the firm the capability to develop the business and expand into novel markets. Michael Rice, CEO, Causeway Aerospace, described the latest deal as a day to celebrate the aerospace sector in Northern Ireland. He proclaimed that the firm is delighted that Pitch has selected Causeway Aero as their contract producer. He added that the firm will now be moving full steam ahead to connect with the Northern Ireland supply chain and ensure that the firm delivers for Pitch.