Edible Marijuana Unexpectedly Throwing Many Colorado Residents To The Hospital

The researchers estimated that the rate of hospitalization due to consumption or inhalation of cannabis in Colorado is extremely lesser than the hospitalization due to excessive alcohol consumption.

A fraction of the total cannabis sales in Colorado accounts for edible marijuana products. Despite the little contribution to cannabis sales, these products have become one of the major reasons for a large number of emergency hospitalizations in the state, revealed through a recent study.

Based on the hospitalization information from January 2012 to December 2016 at the University of Colorado Health emergency department in Colorado; approximately 10.7% of cannabis-related emergency hospitalizations were due to edible marijuana consumption. However, during that period, only 0.32% of cannabis sales in the region were accounted for manufacturing its edible products.

Dr. Andrew Monte—the lead scientist in the study—demonstrated the fact behind the intense impact of edibles by saying that people generally intake more than the required amount of edibles to counterbalance the extending time for feeling the effects than cannabis inhalation. But the impact of edibles is comparatively intense and remains for a longer period than people expect.

For most of the times, gastrointestinal problem, psychiatric symptoms, and intoxication issues noticed in the people who were hospitalized due to cannabis-consumption or inhalation. Severe psychiatric symptoms and high risk of cardiovascular issues were observed due to edible cannabis.

Recreational marijuana market in Colorado was released at the beginning of the Year 2014, offering research and development sector a completely new platform to measure the impact of legal use of cannabis.

According to Monte, the increase in supply and ease in availability of a drug will lead to more unfavorable drug events.

Even after putting efforts for months, Democrats were not able to gather enough support to legalize marijuana in New Jersey, as some of the Democratic members were against the legalization. According to them, it would become a leading public health threat in the upcoming years.