Seth Rogan’s Baby, ‘Houseplant Sativa’ To Come To Ontario

The cannabis firm, Houseplant, started by the comedy film magnates Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen is expanding into Ontario. Currently the sale of their products is only limited within British Columbia.

Seth Rogen is Canadian-American writer, comedian, director and producer. Since his teenage, he is a standing comedian since his teenage. Evan Goldberg is producer, comedian and screenwriter. Seth Rogen is childhood friend of Evan Goldberg and both have done many films together.

The firm is partnered with Canopy Growth, a major Canadian cannabis firm. They said that their product Houseplant Sativa would be made available online as well through regulated retailers by 2019 summer. Rogen said that it was a thrilling experience to see the growth of their company and give the people of Ontario a chance to access those products for which they take so much pride. The company also said about their plans to productize Houseplant Indica strains and Houseplant Hybrid along with pre-rolled joints and soft gels.

Goldberg said that initially they concentrated on measured growth as they wanted to make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised and thereby they dint want their customers to be disappointed. However he said that they are now looking forward to Ontario. The main aim of Houseplant was to provide education to the customers on cannabis and they also wanted to wipe out criminal records and the employment of those who had been unfairly targeted and who finally ended up in confinement for non-violent crimes related to cannabis.

Goldberg and Rogen’s firm is the recent celebrity associations and have been working with Martha Stewart, a television personality to develop CBD products which are hemp-derived. Tweed, which is Canopy’s subsidiary in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, the rapper, is also selling three different types of cannabis products. Canopy has so far not responded to this.