Microsoft Unveils, ‘Project xCloud’ At The Yearly E3; Its Answer To Google’s Stadia

Few days after Stadia’s new details had been revealed by Google, Microsoft has come up with of preview of their cloud streaming Project xCloud in their yearly E3 conference. This was initially announced long back in the month of October. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said that this would allow the users Xbox’s to be turned into their free and personal xCloud server. He said that by this October users would be able to play games using their gaming cloud wherever they go, even if they are using the console at home or at a data center.

The startup Playfab had been acquired by Microsoft last year and has been providing cloud-based game tools for developers. All this unveilings came as part of the goals of Microsoft in exploring cloud space for games. It was heard that Amazon will also be entering into this area soon with their gaming service however new details have not been obtained regarding this.

Xbox’s new console has also been revealed by Spencer. It is called project Scarlet. It will be the most powerful console of Xbox. It is said that Scarlet will be launched by the holiday season. The next title in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, will also be launched by the same time around. All together sixty game titles had been revealed which also includes the “Gears of War’s” fifth installment and also “Cyberpunk 2077” in which the artist Keanu reeves was featured in the game as well as in the conference on stage. On talking about the freedom of games, Spencer said that streaming games using Xbox and cloud, the performance and power of Scarlet will become the foundation of console in the future and their future in this cloud service.

Xbox’s Game Pass for desktop has also been revealed by the major tech giant. This allowed subscription service which was launched in the year 2017 by Microsoft to be made accessible to desktop gamers. This service was opened in the Beta and about 100 games were featured which were curated for desktops and includes Xbox’s “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”.