Insecticide Infection Caused Deaths Of 3 Americans At Dominican Republic Resort

As the authorities are investigating the deaths of three individuals from the US at a Dominican Republican resort, a couple from Colorado who resided at the same resort the previous year said that they were violently ill after they were exposed to is suspected as insecticides spread via the system of Ari conditioning.

The 29-year-old Kaylynn Knull and her 33 year old boyfriend Tom Schwander have this year filed a lawsuit against the Grand Bahia Principe Hotel in La Romana owners blaming them for their sickness when they stayed at the resort in June 2018.

Knull said that recently a couple from Maryland and a woman from Pennsylvania died at the same resort which made her sad and angry. Knull said that her blood boiled and it made her want to cry and scream. She added that there was something wrong with that place; what happened to them might be related to what happened to those people.

The previous month, Cynthia Day, 49 and Edward Nathaniel Holmes, 63 were found dead at the resort in their hotel room. The Dominican Republic’s authorities said that a preliminary autopsy have found the couple had suffered from pulmonary edema and respiratory failure, caused due to excess fluid in lungs.

Day had also suffered cerebral edema. About five days before this, Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, had died in her room with her husband. The couples had checked into the hotel on same day – May 25.

As per the office of Dominican Republic, an autopsy on Schaup-Werner revealed that she suffered from pulmonary edema, heart attack, and respiratory failure. The results of toxicology are pending and authorities are investigating the deaths in Dominican Republic.

A spokesperson for the Schaup-Werner family, Jay McDonald, said that they are working along with the authorities in US to collect more information. The hotel’s spokesperson declined to comment on the allegations of Knull and Schwander, citing that the litigation is pending.