China Likely To Launch Up To 8 BDS-3 Satellites In 2019

The 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference is taking place in Beijing. On Wednesday, China announced its plans in this conference to send 6-8 new BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) satellites this year in the space. The BDS-3 satellites will be fully functional by 2020, soon after which 2-4 satellites will be launched, says the director of China Satellite Navigation Office—Ren Chengqui.

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System performs the function of short message communication and international rescue. In addition to these features, it can also function as a satellite-based augmentation service which covers China and the surrounding area. This project was in development since 2009. In 2018, BDS-3 primary system got complete and thus was able to give a global service by the end of 2018. BDS-3 was expected to be an alternative to the global navigation satellites system such as GPS (United States), GLONASS (Russia) and Galileo system (Europe) and can be more accurate than these.

The first BeiDousytem was called the BeiBou Satellite Navigation Experimental System and was also known as BDS-1. It had provided limited coverage and services to China and other areas which are in the close proximity to the country. BDS-2 became operational since 2011 and gave services to Asia-Pacific region from 2012, after the decommissioning of BDS-1.

The operator of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is the national space agency of China – the China National Space Administration. It is typed under commercial and military use, providing global coverage with the accuracy of 10m to public and up to 10cm, which is encrypted and not for public use.

By the year of 2035, china is expecting to make more development in this field. The country plans to finish a high precision national comprehensive positioning, navigation and timing system. It will be completed with the basis of BDS.