Pizza Hut Decides Strategically To Remake Its Original Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut has lately decided on giving its conventional, original Pan Pizza a complete makeover. The gigantic pizza company has announced on having its original pan pizza be remade right from its base to the cheese toppings. The newer version is expected to have a completely new cheese mix, a novel designed pan, and sauce. The new pan is expected to help give the pizza a crispier crust than ever. Pizza Hut is believed to have taken such a decision owing to the tight competition taking place with its rivals including, Papa John’s and Domino’s. Last year, it was for the first time in history that it could exceed the sales value of Pizza Hut. NFL had Pizza Hut join hands with it as an advertising partner by stripping of the title from Papa John’s hand.

The customers are not at all loyal as they only find the best promotional offers to be magnetic rather than enjoying it daily. As the taste is a matter of concern, the 49-year-old pizza recipe of Domino’s had been flushed down the drain about 10 years ago. Pizza Hut has circulated new value offerings and advancements for the customers so as to make tracking of the orders easier. In the start of this year, Domino’s welcomed its 16,000th store opening and has shown 50% growth past 5 Years. On a global scale, Pizza Hut has 18,000 restaurants or more of them built.

Similarly, Papa John’s is working on the sandwiches and new technologies in order to gain growth that had been lost in the scandals accumulated years back. By summer, Pizza Hut plans to expand its beer outlets to 1,000 locations. The use of new insulated pouches helped keep delivery pizzas up to 15° hotter. The new pan pizza is a strategic move made by the company. The new state-of-the-art pan technology and new ingredients are expected to woo the customers. Yum Brands has its sale starting on a nationwide scale from this week at $7.99 for a limited period.