Spotify Launches Back Its 99-Cent Premium Deal To Entice Users

If you have wished to try a paid streaming music platform but have been edgy about the prices, you now have a good reason try it. Spotify has conveyed back its twice-per-year Premium deal, offering you 3 Months of complete service for 99 Cents (almost £0.99 in Britain) if you log in from now to June 30, 2019. And yes, there is an offer if you gave up on Spotify and are mulling over returning—if you canceled the subscription at any time prior to April 15, you can get 3 Months for $10.

It is possible this promo will carry on to be a basis for Spotify for the coming future. Spotify Premium lately clocked up its 100 millionth user, and offers such as this can keep that impetus going by enticing users who make decision to stick around once their three months (below the offer) end. There is also the not-so-tiny matter of rivalry. Apple Music already has over 50 Million users in spite of being only a few years old, and the 99-cent Premium deal by Spotify can secure users before they have been tempted by the firm’s archenemy.

On a related note, in the last few months, Spotify has increased more than twice on its podcasting efforts. It has spent millions and purchased Anchor, Gimlet, and Parcast. One thing the firm falls short is a method to suggest podcasts to its users. But, as per media, that can be altering. An early test displays podcast suggestions together with tailored music recommendations in a new functionality dubbed as Your Daily Drive. This hints that Spotify needs to safeguard a spot in your phone. While our editors were not capable of accessing the test, it seems that there might be a few bends to work out.