Google’s Newest AI Art Project Converts Your Face Into A Poem Portrait

Google is always supporting inventive and weird programs with the assistance of AI, and its newest is typically odd. Dubbed as PoemPortraits, the web app picks a word of your recommendation and mixes it with a selfie to generate the eponymous poem portrait. Fundamentally, it is an Instagram filter coupler with handful lines of AI-created poetry. It is strange and fun and worth your time to play with it.

The application is the fruit of an extended merger between the coder Ross Goodwin, Google’s Arts & Culture Lab, and Es Devlin, a renowned stage designer and an artist who has worked with everybody from Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Adele to the National Theatre of UK.

Ross developed the software that creates the poetry. He used a deep learning neural system on a huge quantity of poems from 19th century (more than 25 Million words!). The algorithm hunts for patterns in this info and then creates text in response to the input by user.

Speaking of AI, OpenAI’s MuseNet is a novel online tool that employs AI to create music with almost 10 separate instruments. In addition to this, it can generate music in almost 15 different styles, mimicking contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga, classical composers such as Mozart, video game music, or genres such as bluegrass. You can have it start from scratch or give it a short section of music to begin with.

MuseNet operates by employing a deep neural system that has been skilled on a database of MIDI files collected from a series of online sources that include pop, jazz, Indian, African, and Arabic kinds of music. The scientists behind the program claim that the system is capable of paying attention to songs over prolonged time periods, indicating that it is capable of understanding the broad context of any music’s melodies.