Google Walkout Organizers Ask The Firm To Probe The HR Division

The organizers of 2018 walkout of Google workers are calling on the firm to probe its HR division, after some workers claim they have gone through retribution from management.

In a media post from the authorized walkout account, the workers issued a number of demands. On the list: meeting earlier requirements made at the time of November walkout, having Larry Page (Alphabet CEO) deal with those demands, reversing supposed retribution in opposition to organizers, and starting a probe into the firm’s “awful management of worker complaints.”

“Google appears to have lost its trust and connection between employees and the firm is broken deeply,” the post claims. “As the firm develops from disaster to disaster, it is obvious that management at the firm is failing, in conjunction with HR.” The post asks for a probe to be performed by a 3rd party and that the outcomes to be rolled publicly.

“We ban retribution in the place of work and publicly share our extremely transparent policy,” a spokesperson of Google clamed to the media in an interview. “To make certain that no complaint raised goes unnoticed here, we offer workers various channels to report issues, comprising anonymously, and probe all accusations of retribution.”

On a related note, Google workers earlier claimed that they will conduct a sit-in to object what they dub as “culture of retribution.” The “Google Walkout For Real Change” group declared the event on Twitter, claiming that they have faced everything from losing reports as penalty for actions the firm does not approve to being informed to take sick leave when they are not sick.

Earlier, workers conducted a town hall gathering to share stories of retribution and plan next actions. The unrest follows after huge walkouts in November 2018, in which 20,000 workers asked that the firm modify the way it manages sexual misbehavior.