Testing Campaign Aimed At Agriculture Receivers Launched By GSA

A new campaign is launched by the GSA for manufacturers. In this testing drive, receivers are generally tasked for machine guidance would be tested for their conditions under various testing parameters. These conditions include considering multi-frequency and multi-constellation combinations with the help of many augmenting techniques.

The primary focus shall be the less demanding uses from the perception of accuracy. As the accuracy requirements deteriorate between automatic steering and machine guidance applications. Apart from the accuracy point, the requirement of accuracy in application of the so-called pass to pass shall also be evaluated.

To prevent an error source by the machine subsystems and to maintain a reliable comparison between receivers, the movement may only focus upon the accuracy part neglecting the guidance systems of the whole machine.

The test will target agriculture manufacturers seeking an autonomous estimate of Galileo implementation for their goods and help in any problems involving this implementation.

Manufacturers tend to make profits by independent testing – GSA would conduct fair tests and provide results. The campaign is made free for the manufacturers. It also aims to implement Galileo within their receivers. From the results obtained by the tests, the manufacturer would obtain a secret comparative analytical result with indigenous results of others.

To assess the Galileo implementation, selected receivers will possess the capability of enabling and disabling GNSS constellations, enabled to work in Galileo-only mode and support positioning modes. At the time of tests, the receivers must also provide data on the positions, number of satellites and values of the DOP as output of NMEA.

The testing drive may commence on June 2018 and operate till the end of this year. Also, the receivers would be assessed at the same duration, it is required that they are shipped before May 17 2019.

Interested parties can send an email at market@gsa.europe.eu, keeping subject as Galileo testing campaign of machine guidance receivers, and stating their interests for participating.