China’s UK Ambassador Says UK Should Make Independent Decision On Huawei

US, Australia and New Zealand are of the opinion that the Chinese company is a risk to security as long as it remains tied to the state. But, through his article in the Sunday Telegraph, Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to Britain, said the UK shouldn’t feel pressured by other countries. He said while all risks must be contemplated seriously, so far the company had a good performance history on security.

The UK had consented to permit Huawei restricted access to develop a new 5G network for Britain, as reported by the Daily Telegraph. Along with some plausible national security risks, the paper reported that many ministers had also voiced their concerns regarding the plan.

But supporting Huawei, Mr. Liu remarked, countries like the UK, which had global influence, make their decisions independently and in accordance with their own national interests. He says the country is bound to behave similarly with regard to establishing their new 5G network, by resisting any pressure, making the correct decisions independently and right on par with its requirement of long-term development.

Meanwhile, one of Britain’s leading civil servants demanded ministers to co-operate with him, while he inquired about leaking discussions of Huawei at the National Security Council. Sir Mark Sedwill had written to council ministers and special advisers soon after media telecast details from the meeting.

The focus is on five ministers who were believed to have raised objections to the decision about Huawei – Sajid Javid Home Secretary, Jeremy Hunt Foreign Secretary, Gavin Williamson Defense Secretary, Penny Mordaunt International Development Secretary and Liam Fox International Trade Secretary.

Yet, all of them have either denied being party of the guilty through a public forum, or have made know that they weren’t responsible.

The internal inquiry is being led by Cabinet Secretary and National Security Adviser Sir Mark.