Great Times Ahead For TV, Says HBO Asia CEO

Streaming and TV services are cropping up day by the day and the amount of content that is being produced by them in order to capture the attention of the consumer has simply escalated to another level. According to Jonathan Spink, the CEO of HBO Asia, it is certainly a golden age for TV, as the number of loyal audiences that it has is like never before.

Speaking at the APOS summit in Bali, Mr. Jonathan also remarked that though the available content is head-spinning, the number of different streaming services that offer them can make it really difficult for the consumers to get what they like. Companies like HBO that still primarily offer TV services are at an advantage here as their streaming is linear. Viewers can watch content only at a particular time and not according to their wish. This automatically generates more interest in people as they constantly look forward to the next episode which creates a lot of buzz through positive word of mouth. This comes in contrast to platforms like Netflix. Their service is not real-time. Netflix is due to face stiff competition from Disney+ as they try to own the market. Offering their services for a lesser price is already the first step taken.

One of the biggest shows produced by HBO is undoubted “Game of Thrones”. This period drama has captured the audience’s imagination completely and has one of the largest fan-following. The production cost of the episodes of this series is around $15 million which is a testimony of the amount of investment HBO is ready to put in. Me. Jonathan feels that Game of Thrones is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they would not be selling out as many finances for other programs

When asked about the biggest problem that these streaming services were facing, he pointed out that piracy and illegal downloads definitely affected the business. He said that once the content becomes available for free, the makers will automatically lose interest in putting maximum efforts, as the returns are going to be miserable. Therefore, stricter steps should be taken to curb this impending problem.