It Could Be A New Beginning For US, Russia Post Mueller’s Report Says Kostin

VTB bank chairman and president told CNBC in an interview that the Muller report conclusion, stating no interaction between the Russians and President Trump to influence the election results of 2016, may have a tremendous positive impact on the relationship between the two countries. Kostin stated that the findings in the report may change the way the US politicians think about the Russians. This could be the start of a new political relationship between the two nations.

Russia and the US shared a cold relationship since it was established that the former had influenced the results of the general elections. As a result, multiple sanctions had been slapped against Russia.  After an investment lasting almost 22 months, Counsel Robert Muller said that the President did not work with the Russians to alter the results. Russian’s stated long back that the Muller report would find the election tampering charges baseless eventually. Hundreds of people were questioned during the investigation, to finally establish zero connections.

Russia had denied any role in the 2016 election results but there was a lack of evidence in the case. Kostin concluded that he would not comment in this regard as there was no proper evidence tying the Russians with the tampering of the election result. VTB bank a majority stake holder was not ignorant about the sanctions issued against Russia. The second largest Russian bank was put on the US sanction list back in 2014, following an uprising in eastern Ukraine. Kostin was also added to a list as he had a close relationship with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia.

With Volodymyr Zelensky winning the presidential elections in Ukraine, it was too early for Kostin to comment on what new reforms would be implemented in this new page of the relationship between the two countries.