NASA Moves Forward To Launch Dragon Cargo To ISS

The next initiative from NASA is the launch of the SpaceX Dragon cargo version. The cargo spacecraft will be launched at the International Space Station. The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled in the next week. Another investigation which is taking place is the explosion of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

On April 22, 2019, Josh Finch, the spokesperson for NASA informed, the launch will take place on April30, 2019 04:22 am EST. The cargo ship has been named as CRS-17. Earlier the launch was supposed to be taking place on 26th April. NASA informed that the same was not possible due to some mechanical issues at the International Space Station. The agency has not provided any updates on the April 20 Crew Dragon anomalies. This incident took place during the test of SuperDraco thrusters; these are parts of a spacecraft abort system. Just few hours after the accident by Jim Bridenstine, who is a NASA administrator, Josh Finch informed the reporters on social media. SpaceX is yet to provide any updates on the progress of the investigation.

The incident took place at the zone 1 of SpaceX landing. A large cloud was seen for miles. This caused critical damage to the Crew Dragon. This spacecraft was used for Demo- 1 test flight, which flew to the International Space Station this year March. NASA was preparing to launch Crew Dragon for an inflight abort test in the upcoming summer months.

Now it will take some months to understand the cause of accident, decide steps to repair the damage and what is the condition of the other Crew Dragon spacecraft. This means the inflight abort test and the Demo- 2 crewed test flights will get delayed. On the other hand, SpaceX has applied for a license to the Federal Communications Commission for Falcon 9 first stage landing on a drone-ship.