Pepsi Abandons Plans To Utilize Orbital Billboard

A major soft drink company states it would not chase plans to promote its products in space by using a Russian startup, averting what possibly would have been major public criticism. Reportedly, PepsiCo’s Russian subsidiary was functioning with a startup—StartRocket—to promote an energy drink named “Adrenaline Rush” by utilizing satellites. The company has suggested flying a set of tiny satellites in formation, imitating sunlight with Mylar sails to form logos or other advertising notes visible from the ground before sunrise and after sunset. In one graphic on StartRocket’s official website, a logo of an imaginary soft drink company—LocaCola—is noticeable in the night sky over a city. The website states, “Space has to be stunning. With the excellent brands, our sky will surprise us every night.”

Olga Mangova—Spokesperson for PepsiCo Russia—said to Futurism that the firm had agreed to collaborate with StartRocket regarding the orbital advertising campaign. She said, “Orbital billboard is the shift in the communications market.”Nevertheless, PepsiCo’s main office in the U.S. has pulled down the idea. A company representative told SpaceNews, “We can verify StartRocket performed an investigative test for stratosphere promotions by using the Adrenaline GameChangers logo. This was a one-instance event; we do not have any further plans to use or commercially test this technology at present.

On a similar note, recently it was stated that space billboards can damage the night sky as soon as 2021. The stars might have some competition as a startup—StartRocket—is intending to launch glowing billboards in the night sky, in regard to help in advertising the big companies and brands. Seemingly, the billboards contain small, light-emitting satellites called CubeSats, which link together in the lower orbit in context to spell out names, shapes, and logos for corporate customers.