Component In Whitening Strips Is Unsafe For Teeth’s Deep Layer: Study

The active component in OTC whitening strips, Hydrogen peroxide, might be damaging to the layer under the teeth’s enamel, as per a study represented at a scientific meeting recently. Teeth are composed up of 3 sheets: the outer enamel, a dentin layer beneath, and connective tissue that adheres it to the gum. Dentin, the mid-layer, is loaded with proteins, of which collagen is the most copious.

Most researches on the hydrogen peroxide’s safety have concentrated on enamel. The substance is recognized to infiltrate the enamel and get to the dentin, though in minute quantities, elucidated Dr Edmond Hewlett, spokesperson for the American Dental Association and associate dean at the UCLA School of Dentistry, who wasn’t a part of the new research. In a statement, Kelly Keenan, the study’s senior author and Asst Prof of chemistry at Stockton University, NJ, stated that she and her team “wanted to further identify what happens to collagen because to hydrogen peroxide.”

Basically, all whitening products in the US include carbamide peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide, as per the American Dental Association. Utilizing artificial saliva and entire teeth, the scientists observed the collagen in dentin disintegrate into smaller proteins when exposed to hydrogen peroxide, as per the findings, represented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology conference.

Hewlett warns against generalizing findings achieved in extracted teeth, as they might not present identical surroundings as an individual’s mouth. As the study is in its early phases, it’s uncertain to what degree the dentin is harmed, what this would imply for individuals, and whether the harm is permanent, he stated.

Likewise, new 7-state research discovers that in treating young kids for tooth decay, replacing silver diamine fluoride for conventional restorative care could considerably slash Medicaid spending over 3 Years, spanning to $48.5 Million in North Carolina from $2.1 Million in Vermont.