First-ever Photographed Image Of Black Hole Is To Be Unveiled

For decades, the researchers have had their imagination strolling everywhere but it is now that they were able to actually capture a clear and large image of the black hole. As this is the first image to ever be snapped, the researchers have decided on holding a press conference to briefly unveil the photograph of the black hole that has been taken for the first time ever. The image shows Sagittarius A which is a supermassive black hole located right in the center of our Milky Way. The black holes are basically invisible due to black color making it impossible for the telescopes to locate. The image depicts the corners of the black hole from where the light is unable to escape and thus is named as the event horizon.

The cloud of dust, gas, and debris surrounding our galaxy are so thick that the spotting of the black hole in the center becomes difficult. According to the researchers, after a thorough study, they have found that the spacetime surrounding the black hole is very strange and mystifying.  The black holes are actually stars that have crumbled and possess such strong gravity that even a ray of light does not have a chance to escape from its pull. As per the photograph, there is massive dark blob evenly surrounded by a loop of intense light.

The researchers found that the Event Horizon Telescope was used to snap the image of the black hole as well as grasp an endless amount of observations and information from across the world by using it. In the upcoming months, the researchers from across the world can expect something unusual happening by this week. The officials have already confirmed about holding press briefings in Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Santiago, Brussels, and the US. The researchers Hiroko Niikura, Naoki Yasuda from Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe Principal Investigator Masahiro Takada and other colleagues from the US and Japan have made use of the gravitational lensing effect in order to scan through the primordial black holes situated amid the Andromeda galaxy and Earth. The late Stephen Hawking’s theory is currently undergoing a painstaking test and the researchers have ruled out the long-established fact that primordial black holes smaller below a tenth of a millimeter occupy most part of the dark matter.