Volkswagen, AWS Alliance Over Boosting Productivity

Volkswagen and AWS will jointly develop the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud. The two companies announced a comprehensive multi-year agreement to jointly develop this project.

In coming days, the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud will collate data from all the machines, systems and plants of all 122 Volkswagen Group facilities. This will create new opportunities to optimize production processes and lead to significant improvements in plant productivity. Moving ahead, VW Group’s the global supply chain, with more than 30,000 sites of 1,500 suppliers and associate companies, might also be included. By leveraging the services and technology and of AWS, Volkswagen is creating its industrial cloud as an open industrial platform that other industrial, logistics and sales partners could use in the future.

With the industrial cloud, Volkswagen has laid the groundwork for the seamless digitization of its production and logistics. For example, production planning and inventory management will be standardized and interconnected in the Volkswagen Group’s 122 production units. So far, there have been differences between individual plants.

Volkswagen, which intends to bring the Industrial Cloud as an open platform, aims to assimilate firms from all sources of value and build a network of industrial partners with a database and information that benefits all stakeholders. It is also possible that the cloud platform will be normally available to other automakers. This will create a growing global industrial ecosystem.

Expert teams from Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services are already at the forefront of the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud. In the medium term, around 220 experts will work on the project.

The German automaker has inked a deal to build pickup with collaboration of US-based rival, Ford. It is in talks regarding the alliance extension to incorporate mobility and autonomous driving services. It has been stated that the alliance is also a strategic move to cut the cost.