Huawei Aspires To Swap Your Earphones With Its Smart Glasses

Huawei has got into the smart glasses market in collaboration with an upmarket Korean optical glasses and sunglasses brand, Gentle Monster. The Chinese firm perceives the glasses as a substitute for earbuds, a device that enables one to speak on a smartphone without basically putting on anything.

As Huawei exhibited during the launch occasion, the device does not have any buttons. All one requires to do is hit on the frames to reply to a call. The firm states the glasses come equipped with dual microphones with beamforming technology that decreases external sound when one makes calls. Additionally, the device is also fitted with dual speakers.

Apart from this, in order to charge the glasses, one can do that via a case that uses USB Type-C port and NFC. Contrasting other smart glasses, one won’t locate a holographic display or a camera here. The notion is to make the glasses plain and to thwart any sort of privacy problems. Huawei states the glasses will be made accessible in several models and for female as well as male.

Nevertheless, the glasses won’t be accessible prior to July 2019. The company could be validating the market prospective of its first-gen “smart” glasses. Many other firms such as Snapchat and Google have also rolled out and failed to spark interest in users about the glasses. However, it remains to be observed what influence first smart glasses of Huawei will have on the market.

Likewise, smart glasses and AR technology manufacturer, Vuzix recently disclosed the M400 smart glasses fitted with Snapdragon XR1 platform of Qualcomm. Declared last year, the XR1 platform is foremost dedicated mobile platform of Qualcomm for Extended Reality (XR) with a spotlight on delivering cost-effective, high-quality standalone XR tools for enterprise users who do not need all of the premium features provided in top-tier XR devices.