Boston Dynamics’ Modernized Handle Robot To Beat You At Warehouse Jenga

Boston Dynamics, creators of the most favorite robots with the ability to run, backflip, and generally surprise the human population, is back with its newest bot: a “reimagined” edition of its Handle robot from 2017. And this time, it is extremely good at stacking boxes. The unique robot Handle was designed mainly as a trial that applied Boston Dynamics’ robot expertise (typically employed for bipedal as well as quadrupedal bots) to one with wheels.

The latest version looks far more sophisticated, though, employing the original into an essentially useful machine with an ability to automatically load as well as unload pallets of products in a warehouse. It is easy to see the Handle applications in automating warehouse work, such as fulfillment centers from Amazon. These centers have a number of robots rolling around and taking boxes to build into an ideal, giant stack.

On a similar note, the firms behind the pioneering robot deliveries at George Mason University have introduced their solution onto a novel campus as Northern Arizona University (NAU) robots hit the roadway. Now, students can order food for robotic delivery following NAU employed a fleet of over 30 self-governing robots.

As per the university’s official release, the latest robot delivery program from Northern Arizona is being carried out by collaboration between Sodexo, a food-service vendor, and Starship Technologies, the firm that developed the robots. The NAU students can now place food orders for delivery by the rolling robots from a few retail associates around campus. Northern Arizona is said to be the 2nd university to install the delivery robots, after the January 2019 announcement that George Mason University would be the foremost higher education campus to test the solution. Sodexo, Northern Arizona, and Starship hope the expediency of the delivery bots will lead to enlarged breakfast consumption, as studies have associated breakfast consumption with advanced academic performance.